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NPEA members encompass a devoted network of over 1800 educational professionals in 38 states, all dedicated to eliminating the barriers to educational access and college and career success for underserved students. 

By joining our community, you, your program, or your school can take part in a national movement that grows stronger every year. Take advantage of a wealth of knowledge from your peers, learn practical solutions to the challenges your organization faces, and create your own network of colleagues and peers.

In addition, every NPEA member can take advantage of our membership benefits, including discounts on registration to our annual conferencefree monthly webinarsquarterly newslettersperiodic research briefs, posting for free in our Jobs BulletinsNPEA Data Counts, and more.

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If you have any questions about membership, please contact Alex Newell, NPEA Member Services Associate.

Renew with NPEA:

Are you a current NPEA member looking to renew? For any/all of the membership categories noted (below), please complete our Member Renewal online form. Need help with your login information, or want to pay over the phone? Please email Alex at or call (617) 423-6300 ext. 263.

Membership Categories and Fees:

One of the strengths of the NPEA network is the broad experience of our membership, uniting anyone passionate about educational access, no matter how they work towards it. Below are the categories of our members – which one do you fall into?

  • Organizational Members: nonprofit organizations and school-based programs that work to provide and expand educational opportunities for underserved students (e.g., academic enrichment, mentoring, college prep programs).
    $175-$940 membership fees (depending on operating budget)
  • Umbrella Organizational Members: Umbrella Organizations are typically the headquarters of a national network of schools (charter, independent, private, or public), nonprofit organizations, and/or school-based programs that work to provide and expand educational opportunities for underserved students (e.g., academic enrichment, mentoring, college prep programs).
    $940 membership fee
  • Affiliates of Umbrella Members: Affiliate members are typically the individual locations/sites of a current Umbrella Organizational member of NPEA. Affiliate members are offered 20% off our standard Organizational Membership dues.
    $140-$750 membership fees (depending on operating budget)
  • Supporting Institutions: college preparatory schools (independent, public, and charter), colleges, and universities.
    $940-$1,390 membership fees (depending on institution size)
  • Supporting Members: corporations, businesses, foundations, and associations committed to NPEA’s mission.
    $1,390 membership fee
  • Supporting Individuals: educators, nonprofit professionals, and others interested in supporting NPEA’s mission and participating in the NPEA community
    $175 membership fee

Please note criteria for individual members:

1) Individual Members are members not currently affiliated with an NPEA member or other similar NPEA eligible organization or school.
2) Young Education Professionals: for those in college, graduate school, or under age 30, the individual membership fee is $120.

*NOTE: To join as a Young Education Professional, please email Alex.

What our members are saying about NPEA:

“As a result of our participation at NPEA workshops, our school has broadened discussions about how best to serve the needs of underrepresented students.” -2019 conference attendee

“I have been able to do greater outreach within the NPEA programs that work with high school youth, increasing our geographic diversity for the Torch Scholars program.” -2019 conference attendee