The National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA) is thrilled to share information about our online community for NPEA members.

What is MyNPEA?

MyNPEA is an advanced, all-inclusive online community site. MyNPEA streamlines the member experience and administrative processes, enabling members to get more from membership in a user-friendly way.

As you are getting familiar with MyNPEA, please review the FAQs below.

Have additional questions? Please email Alex.

How will MyNPEA benefit my program, school, or organization?
MyNPEA will offer a variety of new and exciting features, enabling members to connect with others and access membership information more readily. Specific features will allow members to:

  • Access an advanced, searchable member directory, making it possible to identify other members across the country serving certain age groups, offering particular program/placement components, tracking students that enroll in college, located in specified regions, and more. We hope this will increase your ability to connect and communicate with other members from similar organizations and/or institutions.
  • Create and update a personalized profile, detailing the program/school information you submit in your annual membership renewal form. Your profile will also feature a “wall” for comments, status updates, and an activity stream.
  • Create and/or join special-interest groups by region, topic, or type of member. Join discussion forums, share documents and files with other group members, and send messages to other members. Subscribe to topics of interest to receive updates by email.
  • Manage your membership through your own online profile, update your program/school data as needed, control your preferences and privacy settings, and renew your membership. MyNPEA will replace the current renewal process through our website and Google Checkout.
  • Engage in a social networking community, allowing members to share photos and albums, send member-to-member messages, form connections, join circles, post calendar events and files, and upload job postings. Many social community features mirror those of popular networking sites such as LinkedIn™ and Facebook™.
  • Access members-only content while “on the go” with a new iPhone app. View your profile, search/brose the member directory, view upcoming events, and read articles and announcements.


How do I add someone as a connection on MyNPEA?
To add someone as a connection, search for the person’s profile, click on it, and click “add as a connection” on their profile page. A prompt box will open, asking you to include a personal message with the request. The member will receive an email notifying them that you want to connect with them on MyNPEA.


How do I send someone a message on MyNPEA?
To send someone a message, search for the person’s profile, click on it, and select “Write a message” on their profile page. OR, if you have already added that person as a connection, click on “Write” under the “Inbox” tab on your profile, and select the appropriate recipient on the right-hand column by selecting their name and clicking “Add as Recipient.”


How do I edit my profile information/data?
It is highly recommended you change your password to something you will easily remember. You can also edit any information/data we have on file for your program/school/organization. You have two edit options.
Option 1: Click on “Edit Profile” under your “My Profile” tab.
Option 2: Click on the “My Profile” tab. Scroll down to “Profile Details” and click on the small pencil icon on the right.


I see someone from my organization/school listed onMyNPEA, but they no longer work there. What should I do?
Please email Karin if there are any contacts who should be deleted from your organization/school. The contacts we have in our database include any/all individuals who have at some time been associated with NPEA and your organization, and/or have been included on the membership application or renewal forms.


What should I do if I forget my password, and how do I change my password?
If you forget your password, click on “Forgot My Password” on the login box at the top of the page. The login box is located in the header on all of our website pages. You can also email Karin and she can email it to you. If you want to change your password, select “Edit Profile,” scroll down to Login Info, and delete and replace your password. Be sure to click “save” at the bottom of the page.


What is a MyNPEA circle? How can I join one?
Circles are topic or region focused groups on NPEA’s member site, MyNPEA. Members can join to engage in discussion with other members, access relevant news and resources, pose questions, share thoughts, or simply browse updates. When you log in to MyNPEA, you will be directed to your profile and community. Click here to view an image illustrating how to join a circle after you have logged in.

For More Information:
Please contact Alex Newell, NPEA Member Services Associate. To learn more about the social community features on MyNPEA, view an overview video.