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Bell Curves Partnership

NPEA has a partnership with Bell Curves, an educational services company that exists to serve the educational needs of underserved students and disadvantaged communities. Bell Curves offers workshops for middle and high school students that provide information on college readiness. Bell Curves management and staff are committed to ensuring that every student is provided with the tools and opportunity to realize his or her fullest educational and career potential.

Established in 2003, Bell Curves, LLC is a minority-owned, socially responsible educational services company based in New York City. Since its inception, the company has developed a diverse clientele comprised of non-profit organizations, educational institutions, young professionals, and college-bound students.

NPEA members can organize select FREE college readiness workshops for their students in any city that Bell Curves currently works in. Locations include Atlanta, Baltimore, Connecticut, D.C., Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia. If your location is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact NPEA. Bell Curves may have an affiliate office in your location. Workshops can be tailored to specific student needs and are geared toward middle and high school students.

NPEA members will have access to a wide range of workshops. Examples of topics include:
• Creating a Winning College Admissions Plan
• Developing a College Access Toolkit
• Broadening High School and College Options
• Selecting the Right High School Courses
• College Application Review
• Choosing a College

Questions? Please contact Carrie Tate .