Benefits of Participating

Participating in NPEA Data Counts (NDC) will provide several key benefits to your organization.

These benefits include opportunities to:

  • Participate in a collective impact data project with a national platform
  • Learn more about federally-defined, consistent measures for data collection
  • Deepen relationships with peer organizations as well as schools committed to serving underrepresented students
  • Enrich conversations with current and prospective funders
  • Access aggregate benchmarks that can illuminate findings in your program’s own data*
  • Measure and store your program’s data* on key indicators all in one place
  • Contribute to the future of NPEA Data Counts and the Data Collection Tool through feedback
  • Present in workshops and breakfast conversation tables at our Annual Conference

*Please note: we do not share any information particular to individual organizations/students. All information is shared in the aggregate (see Summary of Findings).

If you are an organizational member interested in joining NPEA so that you can participate in NPEA Data Counts, please review our list of member benefits, core values, and we invite you to Join NPEA!

For more information, please contact Alex Newell, NPEA Member Services Associate, at