A New NPEA Member Spotlight on… The University of Arkansas College Access Initiative!

College Access Initiative Pipeline Program Coordinator:

What’s on your desk at the moment?
ACT vouchers and admission tickets, a half-drunk cup of coffee, notes from a recent NPEA/MEFA webinar: “After the College Acceptance.”

What are your goals for this year?
The class of 2020 will be this pilot program’s first graduating class, and I’m very eager to start the participants’ college, FAFSA and scholarship applications so they can go to college next fall. The goal is 100% enrollment!

What challenges do you or your organization/school face that you were hoping to address by joining NPEA?
NPEA membership is helping me to look at approaches that are different from the TRiO model that are also wonderful and effective.

What have you found most helpful since you joined?
The NPEA conference in Chicago put me in a room with very devoted, passionate people who inspired me to keep doing my best every day.

What’s one thing about your background that you’d like to share with the membership?
The assistant vice chancellor, my director and I all worked for TRiO programs in the past, so our programs are largely modeled after the Upward Bound and Talent Search approaches.

Describe your program or your work in one sentence.
The UA College Access Initiative Pipeline is a grant-funded college readiness program for three cohorts of 10-12th grade underrepresented college-hopefuls in the Northwest Arkansas region.

What’s a hobby you use to relax outside of work?
Yin yoga

What’s your favorite way to stay on top of news about educational access? (Podcasts, Books, the NPEA Twitter account, etc.)
The NPEA newsletter and webinars are great! You make it so easy.

Is there anything you’d like to share with the rest of the membership that you don’t feel was captured in this form? If so, include it below.
The College Access Initiative Pipeline is housed within the University of Arkansas’ Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education.