NPEA Member-Get-a-Member (MGM) – Overview

The NPEA Member-Get-a-Member (MGM) program is a membership referral initiative to encourage current members to refer potential new members to NPEA.

Over the past ten years, NPEA is thrilled to have grown to more than 350 members in 36 states, with 1,500 actively engaged educational professionals in the network. Schools and organizations now regularly connect to network and share best practices for support of underrepresented students. Much of our growth can be attributed to referrals from current members who shared their positive NPEA experience with others who in turn were interested in joining.

NPEA continually seeks to grow our network in order to increase our ability to support positive outcomes for underrepresented students and their families. We recognize that growing our membership helps by both giving new members access to high quality professional development resources, and by providing even richer networking opportunities for all members to learn even more from one another. We see this time and again through our conferences, regional events, webinar series, job board, and more!

This is where you come in! We encourage you to think about people in your community and professional network who could benefit from becoming an NPEA member, and to refer any new potential members to us. Every time you recruit a new member, you contribute to a robust and growing membership committed to supporting underserved students, and you get entered into a quarterly drawing for a gift card.