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Welcome to the NPEA Job Board! NPEA member schools and nonprofits are located in 38 states across the country (as well as Canada, Guam, and The Bahamas) and regularly post openings here, which are then shared with are entire NPEA network (over 7,000 individuals) through our monthly Jobs Bulletin. All NPEA members are committed to educational access for underserved students.

Interested in sharing a current job opening at your organization or school?

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Job postings are arranged below by state, and then in alphabetical order by hiring organization/institution.


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National (Flexible/Multiple Locations)

Breakthrough Collaborative
Browse Openings
 [Posted: 2.5.18]

College Advising Corps
Browse Openings [Posted 11.8.18]

Let’s Get Ready
College Access Coaches [Posted: 3.6.19]

Presenter – Live Science Programs [Posted 3.21.19]



Breakthrough Silicon Valley
College Advisor [Posted 6.5.19]

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM)
Development and Communications Lead (New York or California) [Posted 3.6.19]

CalWest Educators Placement
High School STEM Teacher [Posted 4.19.19]

College Track
Site Director – East Palo Alto [11.16.18]

Horizons at San Francisco Friends Schools (SFFS)
Development and Communications [Posted 5.14.19]

Independent School Alliance for Minority Affairs
Student Support Associate and Admissions Counselor [Posted 6.17.19]

Los Angeles Metropolitan Debate League
Executive Director [Posted 6.25.19]

Making Waves Foundation
Chief Executive Officer [Posted 1.11.19]
College Coach/College Advisor, CAP [Posted 5.24.19]
Data & Evaluation Associate, CAP [Posted 5.24.19]
Employment Opportunities (Positions in Leadership, Support, Instruction, and Residency) [Posted 1.10.19]

Peninsula Bridge
5th Grade Teaching Role [Posted 7.10.19]
8th Grade Academy Teacher [Posted 7.10.19]
Academic Advisor [Posted 7.8.19]
Assistant Site Coordinator [Posted 7.10.19]
College Counselor [Posted 7.8.19]
ELA Instructor (MS) [Posted 7.10.19]
Independent School Coordinator (MS) [Posted 7.10.19]
Site Coordinator [Posted 7.10.19]
Student Support and Services Coordinator (MS) [Posted 7.12.9]

Presenter – Live Science Programs [Posted 3.21.19]

Summer Search
College Success Associate [Posted 7.17.19]
Program Associate [Posted 7.8.19]

Manager of Institutional Giving [Posted 7.17.19]


I Have A Dream Foundation
Program Director (MS/HS Youth)  [Posted 3.15.19]
Senior Director of Primary Programs and Academics [Posted 3.15.19]



The SEED Foundation
College Success Advisor [Posted 7.8.19]



Give Something Back Foundation
Volunteer Mentors for High School Students [Posted: 10.22.18]



Duke University
STEM-Instructors (Summer) (NC, GA, TX, FL, TN, LA) [Posted 2.6.19]



A Better Chance
Assistant Manager for Admissions & Placement, Southeast Region [Posted 5.15.19]

Duke University
STEM-Instructors (Summer) (NC, GA, TX, FL, TN, LA) [Posted 2.6.19]



Chicago Debates
Associate and Governing Board [Posted 5.15.19]

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
CWSP Business Development Lead [Posted 11.8.18]

Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund
Education Coordinator [Posted 12.5.18]

Give Something Back Foundation
Volunteer Mentors for High School Students [Posted: 2.5.18]

Middle School ELA Coordinator [Posted 6.3.19]

Noble Network of Charter Schools
Special Education Teacher [Posted 5.21.19]

Schuler Scholar Program
College Counselor (Park Ridge, IL) [Posted 7.9.19]
College Counselor (Waukegan, IL) [Posted 7.9.19]

Young Eisner Scholars (YES)
YES Chicago Instructor [Posted 3.14.19]




Earlham College
Assistant Director of International Admission – Enrollment Management [Posted 12.13.18]



Collegiate Academies
College Counselor [Posted 3/14/19]
ACT Prep/College Success Class Teacher [Posted 3.14.19]

Duke University
STEM-Instructors (Summer) (NC, GA, TX, FL, TN, LA) [Posted 2.6.19]

Louisiana Policy Institute for Children
Executive Director [Posted 12.17.18]

Presenter – Live Science Programs [Posted 3.21.19]






Baltimore College School for Boys
Collegiate Fellow [Posted 5.8.19]

Chief Executive Officer [Posted 5.30.19]

Saint Ignatius Loyola Academy
Graduate Support Assistant Director [Posted 3.19.19]



Achieve at Noble and Greenough School
Achieve Program Manager [Posted 3.26.19]

Beacon Academy
Development and Communications Assistant [Posted 1.8.19]
History Teacher [Posted 3.4.19]

Beaver Country Day School
Middle School Science Parental Leave Position [Posted 3.25.19]
Upper School History & English Position 2019-20 [Posted 3.25.19]
Upper School Math Position [Posted 3.25.19]

Boston Preparatory Charter School
Assistant Principal (High School) [Posted 4.24.19]
Dean of Students [Posted 4.24.19]
Director of College Counseling and College Success [Posted 4.24.19]
Other Listings (Teaching Positions in High School, Middle School, and Special Education) [Posted 4.24.19]

Bottom Line MA 
College Success Advisor [Posted 4.23.19]
Success Manager [Posted 4.23.19]

Breakthrough Greater Boston
Development Associate [Posted 3.18.19]
Director of Curriculum and Instruction [Posted: 1.22.19]
Director of Major Gifts [Posted 3.18.19]

Bridge Boston Charter School
Browse Additional Openings [Posted: 2.5.18]

Brooke Charter Schools
Associate Teacher Corps – K-7 -2019-2020 [Posted 5.1.19]
Associate Teacher – High School, 2019-20:

Associate Director of Foundation Giving [Posted 10.3.18]

Horizons at Dedham Country Day School
Program Director [Posted 4.24.19]

Milton Academy
Browse Additional Openings [Posted 11.8.18]

MIT Office of Engineering Outreach Programs
Communications Administrator [Posted 1.24.19]
Program Assistant [Posted 1.24.19]
Student Success and Wellness Administrator [Posted 6.3.19]

National Partnership for Educational Access
Spring Intern [Posted 11.19.18]

Nativity Preparatory School
4th Grade Lead Teacher [Posted 4.21.19]

Noble and Greenough School
Teaching Fellowship Program & Opportunities 2018-19 [Posted 5.15.18]
English Teacher [Posted 12.17.18]
History & Social Science Teacher [Posted 12.17.18]
Mathematics Teacher [Posted 12.17.18]
Upward Bound Program Director [Posted 1.22.19]

Pingree School
Science Fellow [Posted 12.10.18]
English Fellow [Posted 1.4.18]
Math Fellow [Posted 1.4.18]
Technology Fellow [Posted 1.4.18]
Language Fellow [Posted 1.4.18]
History Fellow [Posted 1.4.18]
Art Fellow [Posted 1.4.18]

Phillips Academy Andover
Associate/Senior Associate Director of College Counseling [Posted 3.11.19]
International Students Coordinator [Posted 4.4.19]

The Possible Project
Chief Learning Officer [Posted 2.4.19]
Director of Education [Posted 2.4.19]

Roxbury Latin School
English Teacher [Posted 12.5.18]
Mathematics Teacher [Posted 12.5.18]
Teaching Fellowships [Posted 11.5.18]

SCS Noonan Scholars
College Access Manager [Posted 4.4.19]

Chief Financial Officer [Posted 3.28.19]

Tufts University
Admissions Counselor [Posted 5.20.19]
Assistant Director of Admissions – Undergraduate Admissions [Posted 5.8.19]
Associate Director for Diversity and Inclusion Education – Medford/SMFA Campuses [Posted 6.20.19]
Associate Director of Admissions – Undergraduate Admissions [Posted 5.20.19]
Director, Asian American Center [Posted 4.16.19]
Director, Latino Center [Posted 4.16.19]

The Advent School
Advent Anticipated Openings 2018-2019 [Posted: 12.5.17]
Maternity Leave Position – Kindergarten [Posted 11.8.18]

The Park School
Assistant Director of Facilities [Posted 4.19.19]
Grade IV Teacher [Posted 4.19.19]
Kindergarten Assistant [Posted 4.19.19]
Modern Language Teacher: Grades V-VIII Mandarin [Posted 4.19.19]
Other Employment Opportunities (Positions in Leadership, Teachers, and Staff) [Posted 2.1.19]
Part-time Elementary and Middle School Art Teacher [Posted 5.10.19]

The Steppingstone Foundation
Academic Year Faculty [Posted 7.18.19]
Advisor, College Services [Posted 7.1.10]
Advisor, Support Services [Posted 7.1.10]
Teaching & Learning Associate [Posted 7.1.10]

Trinity Boston Foundation

Director of Development [6.24.19]
Executive Director [3.11.19]
Finance and Development Assistant [6.24.19]
Institutional Giving Program Manager [6.24.19]

Manager of Institutional Giving [Posted 7.17.19]
Senior Director of Human Resources [Posted 5.24.19]

Wellesley College
Assistant Director of Admission [Posted 5.16.19]
Associate Director of Admission [Posted 6.6.19]

Williams College
Admission Counselor [Posted 4.4.19]
Assistant Director of Admission [Posted 4.4.19]
Associate Director of Admission [Posted 4.4.19]



LearningWorks at Blake: A Breakthrough Program
Director of Curriculum and Instruction [Posted 1.23.19]



College Bound St. Louis
Academic Interventionist [Posted 1.29.19]
College Preparation Manager [Posted 1.29.19]



Educare Lincoln
Executive Director [Posted 1.15.19]


New Hampshire

Breakthrough Manchester
Assistant Director [Posted 5.7.19]

Dartmouth College
Browse Openings
 [Posted: 2.5.18]

Reach High Scholars Program
Program Director
 [Posted: 2.7.19]


New Jersey

Cooperman College Scholars
Associate Director of College Success [Posted 7.16.19]
Director of College Prep Programs [Posted 7.16.19]

New Jersey SEEDS
College 201 Professor, Collegiate Experience [Posted 5.29.19]
Dean of Residential Life and Student Affairs [Posted 5.30.19]
Teacher, Summer Challenge Program [Posted 5.29.19]

Princeton University
Associate Director for College Counseling and Scholar Development, Princeton University Preparatory Program [Posted 5.3.19]

The Wight Foundation
Community Outreach Coordinator [Posted 5.31.19]


New York

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM)
Development and Communications Lead (New York or California) [Posted 3.6.19]
Summer Faculty (National) [Posted 3.6.19]
Summer Counselors (National, for undergraduates) [Posted 3.6.19]

Breakthrough New York
2019-2010 NYC Civic Corps Member [Posted 5.30.19]
High School/College Access Mentor [Posted 4.10.19]

Cristo Rey New York
Full-time Residential Volunteer [Posted 3.25.19]

Horizons at Saint David’s
Executive Director [Posted 4.3.19]

Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA)
College Guidance Counselor (Leave Replacement) [Posted 4.2.19]
Data Systems Administrator [Posted 3.26.19]
Senior Director of Finance and Operations [Posted 6.20.19]

Program Associate [Posted 4.5.19]
Salesforce Administrator, Data & Evaluation [Posted 5.17.19]

Oliver Scholars
Assistant Director of Admissions [Posted 6.4.19]
Chief Development Officer [Posted 5.28.19]
Summer Instructor [Posted 5.28.19]
Summer Instructors (English, Math, History, Math Test Prep, Learning Skills, Science) [Posted 6.19.19]

Admissions Officer [Posted 5.30.19]
Communications Associate [Posted 5.30.19]
Director of Undergraduate Affairs [Posted 5.30.19]
External Affairs Associate [Posted 5.30.19]
Leadership Development Opportunities Administrative Program Coordinator [Posted 5.30.19]
Post-Placement Counselor – Middle School [Posted 5.30.19]
Senior Admissions Officer [Posted 5.30.19]
Summer Teachers (Prep & PREP 9 Preparatory Components) [Posted 5.30.19]

Presenter – Live Science Programs [Posted 3.21.19]

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO)
Program Manager, College Advising [Posted 4.18.19]

The TEAK Fellowship
Full-Time Summer English Teacher [Posted 3.28.19]

Manager of Institutional Giving [Posted 7.17.19]

YES – New York City
New York City Instructor [Posted 6.25.19]

YWCA Brooklyn
Director of Philanthropy [Posted 2.28.19]


North Carolina

Duke University
Director of Operations for Online Learning [Posted 2.6.19]
Online Course Developer [Posted 2.6.19]
STEM-Instructors (Summer) (NC, GA, TX, FL, TN, LA) [Posted 2.6.19]

Presenter – Live Science Programs [Posted 3.21.19]



A Better Chance
Assistant Program Manager for Admissions and Placement – Middle States Region [Posted 1.7.19]

Community Partnership School
Advancement Coordinator [Posted 2.27.19]
Major Gift Officer [Posted 2.27.19]

Franklin & Marshall
Assistant Dean of Admission [Posted 5.9.19]

University of Pennsylvania
Assistant Director of Admissions [Posted 3.26.19]
Associate Dean, Communications [Posted 6.6.19]
Associate Director, Penn First Plus (P1P) [Posted 4.25.19]
Associate Director of Admissions/Admissions Officer B [Posted 6.6.19]
Manager, Undergraduate Admissions Visitor Center [Posted 7.19.19]
Program Coordinator, First Generation Low-Income Program (FGLI) [Posted 5.20.19]

Vaux BPHS (Big Picture Philadelphia)
Principal [Posted 4.8.19]


Rhode Island

Brown University
Director for Pre-College Campus Life [Posted 12.19.18]
Assistant Director for Pre-College Campus Life [Posted 12.19.18]
Program Manager for Pre-College Campus Life [Posted 12.19.18]



Duke University
STEM-Instructors (Summer) (NC, GA, TX, FL, TN, LA) [Posted 2.6.19]

Presenter – Live Science Programs [Posted 3.21.19]



Duke University
STEM-Instructors (Summer) (NC, GA, TX, FL, TN, LA) [Posted 2.6.19]

Presenter – Live Science Programs [Posted 3.21.19]



Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Associate, Outreach and Selection [Posted 5.17.19]
Program Coordinator, Strategic Initiatives [Posted 7.2.19]

Washington and Lee
Admissions Counselor [Posted 4.4.19]


CalWest Educators Placement
Teacher – Elementary Science [Posted 4.19.19]

Rainier Scholars
Development and Marketing Associate [Posted 6.28.19]
Office Manager/Executive Assistant [Posted 3.25.19]

The Bush School
Assistant Director of Admissions [Posted 3.12.19]
Development Database Manager [Posted 3.12.19]
Lower School Director [Posted 3.12.19]
Lower School Librarian [Posted 3.12.19]
Other Employment Opportunities (Lower, Middle, and Upper School Faculty) [Posted 3.12.19]