Preview of 2015 Summary of Findings

While the Summary of Findings from the 2015 Data Collection Tool is an NPEA members-only benefit, we are happy to share the following preview of the exciting information found there.

During the fall of 2015, organizational members were invited to complete the 2015 NPEA Data Collection Tool. A total of 68 of 104 (65%) eligible NPEA organizational members participated, with three members each reporting on two programs within their organization (for a total of 71 programs reporting).

  • 104,111 students were served by 71 programs over a 12-month period (2014-2015).
  • The majority of students were from low-income families (86%) and would be first generation college students (79%).
  • By graduation, over 99% of high school seniors served had completed the FAFSA, took a college entry exam, and applied to at least one post-secondary school.
  • Programs reported an on-time graduation rate for seniors of 99.7%, including a cohort graduation rate of 97.9% for those who worked with students in 9th through 12th grade.
  • Of those who graduated high school six years ago, 79% of the students had earned a 4-year degree within four (41%) or six (38%) years and another 10% were currently enrolled in school.

To see the complete Summary of Findings from 2015, please reach out to Zeva Levine at to learn about becoming an NPEA member.