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Welcome to the NPEA Job Board! NPEA member schools and nonprofits are located in 36 states across the country (as well as Canada, Guam, and The Bahamas) and regularly post openings here, which are then shared with are entire NPEA network (over 4,000 individuals) through our monthly Jobs Bulletin. All NPEA members are committed to educational access for underrepresented students.

Interested in sharing a current job opening at your organization or school? NPEA members can post listings free of charge at any time, and non-members may post for a $25 fee. Openings will remain posted for two months from the date of posting, or until filled.

For further information, please email Zeva at or schedule a call.

Job postings are arranged below by state, and then in alphabetical order by hiring organization/institution.


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A Better Chance
Assistant Manager for Admissions & Placement [Posted: 7.24.17]

Aim High
2017 Site Directors, Lead Teachers, Student Support Specialist, Teaching Interns and Assistants, and Volunteers [Posted: 6.6.17]

Peninsula Bridge
High School Workshop Instructor [Posted: 6.13.17]



National Scholarship Providers Association
Executive Director [Posted: 7.6.17]
Communications Coordinator [Posted: 7.10.17]



The SEED School of Washington, DC
Browse Openings [Posted: 8.11.17]



Give Something Back Foundation
Volunteer Mentors for High School Students [Posted: 6.9.17]



ACT, Inc.
Browse Openings [Posted: 8.11.17]



Chicago Jesuit Academy
Faculty Member [Posted: 6.9.17]

Give Something Back Foundation
Volunteer Mentors for High School Students [Posted: 6.9.17]

High Jump
Executive Director [Posted: 6.9.17]

Schuler Scholar Program
College Counselor (Chicago and suburbs) [Posted: 7.26.17]



KIPP New Orleans
Instructional Positions [Posted: 6.1.17]
Non-instructional Positions [Posted: 6.1.17]



Bridges Baltimore
Communications Specialist [Posted: 8.3.17] 



Academy of the Pacific Rim
Middle and High School Teachers- All Disciplines [Posted: 6.9.17]

Austin Preparatory School
Assistant Director of Admissions [Posted: 7.10.17]
Director of Alumni Relations and Giving [Posted: 7.10.17]
Administrative Assistant [Posted: 7.13.17]

Bridge Boston Charter School
Dean of Students 2016 [Posted: 8.1.17]
Licensed Nurse [Posted: 8.1.17]
4th and 5th Grade Teacher [Posted: 8.1.17]

Brooke Charter Schools
Director of Talent Recruitment [Posted: 7.25.17]
Browse Additional Openings [Posted: 8.11.17]

Postsecondary Success Coordinator [Posted: 6.12.17]

Generation Citizen
Executive Director – Massachusetts [Posted: 4.14.17]

La Vida Scholars
Executive Director [Posted: 7.31.17]

MIT Office of Engineering Outreach Programs
SEED Academy Program Coordinator [Posted: 8.11.17]
Browse Openings [Posted: 8.11.17]

National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA)
NPEA Academic Year Intern (2017-2018)
2018 Conference Administrative Intern (January-April 2018)

St. John’s Preparatory School
Coordinator of Gift Administration [Posted: 8.9.17]
Biology/Neuroscience Long-Term Substitute, High School [Posted: 8.9.17]
Music Teacher Long term Substitute, Middle School [Posted: 8.9.17]

Summer Search
Senior Program Director [Posted: 6.9.17]

Academic Coordinator [Posted: 6.9.17]
Family Engagement Coordinator [Posted: 6.9.17]
Site Director [Posted: 6.9.17]
Browse Additional Openings [Posted: 8.11.17]

The Steppingstone Foundation
College Success Academy Site Intern [Posted: 8.11.17]
After-School Math and English Teachers  [Posted: 8.11.17]
Browse Additional Openings [Posted: 8.11.17]

Tufts University
Associate Director of Admissions [Posted: 6.28.17]



College Possible 
Director of Data Analytics and Evaluation [Posted: 7.24.17]


National (Flexible/Multiple Locations)

Breakthrough Collaborative
Browse Openings [Posted: 8.11.17]

College Advising Corps
eAdvising [Posted: 6.9.17]
Browse Additional Openings [Posted: 8.11.17]

College Possible
Browse Openings [Posted: 8.11.17]


New Hampshire

Dartmouth College
Browse Openings [Posted: 6.9.17]


New Jersey

Give Something Back Foundation
Volunteer Mentors for High School Students [Posted: 6.9.17]

The Wight Foundation (STEP)
STEP 2017-2018 Faculty [Posted: 8.9.17]


New York

A Better Chance
Assistant Manager for Admissions & Placement [Posted: 6.27.17]

After School All Stars
Program Leader [Posted: 6.9.17]

Breakthrough New York
Program Director [Posted: 6.9.17]
Internship Opportunities [Posted: 6.9.17]

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM)
Elementary School Program Lead [Posted: 6.9.17]
Challenge Set Assistant [Posted: 6.9.17]

Program Manager [Posted: 6.9.17]
Director of Business Applications  [Posted: 6.9.17]

Teaching Opportunities [Posted: 6.9.17]
Browse Additional Openings [Posted: 6.9.17]

Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA)
Director of Finance and Operations [Posted: 7.10.17]
Director of Development and External Relations [Posted: 6.9.17]

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO)
Program Manager, Grade 10 [Posted: 8.9.17] 
Program Coordinator, Recruitment and Admissions [Posted: 7.28.17]
Program Manager, 9th Grade Recruitment [Posted: 7.10.17]
Saturday Academy Instructors (ELA:Math) [Posted: 6.28.17]
Weekday Afterschool Instructors (ELA:Math) [Posted: 6.28.17]
Assistant Director, College Persistence  [Posted: 6.9.17]
Browse Openings [Posted: 8.11.17]



KIPP Philadelphia
Lead Teacher (8th Math, 6th ELA, Kindergarten Teacher) [Posted: 8.11.17]



St. George’s Independent School
Browse Openings [Posted: 6.9.17]


KIPP Houston
Browse Openings [Posted: 6.9.17]



College Access Now
Executive Director [Posted: 8.8.17]

Rainier Scholars
Academic Counselor (7th -9th Grade) [Posted: 8.14.17]
Database Administrator [Posted: 8.3.17]