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Karin Elliott, Executive Director
National Partnership for Educational Access
The Steppingstone Foundation
One Appleton Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 423-6300 x 284
Fax: (617) 423-6303

The National Partnership for Educational Access is an initiative of The Steppingstone Foundation. Founded in 1990, The Steppingstone Foundation develops and implements programs that prepare underserved schoolchildren for educational opportunities that lead to college success. Based on the premise that, regardless of circumstance, children can achieve at high levels academically if given effective preparation and support, Steppingstone programs emphasize rigorous standards and achieve meaningful results. The Steppingstone Academy in Boston prepares middle-grade, motivated, urban schoolchildren for admission to selective independent and public exam schools, with the goal of ultimately graduating from four-year colleges. The Steppingstone Academy has been replicated in Hartford and Philadelphia.

In 2011, Steppingstone launched the College Success Academy to further increase the number of Boston students graduating from four-year colleges. Based in the Boston public schools, the College Success Academy provides free summer and after-school academic programming to students for five years before they enter high school, followed by a wide array of academic, college guidance, and social/emotional support services through college graduation.